12/05/2011 06:39 pm ET Updated Feb 23, 2012

Most Popular Latino Baby Names In 2011

More Latino parents will be yelling "Jerónimo!" around their homes in the coming year, according to the annual list of most popular Spanish-language baby names compiled by BabyCenter en Español.

According to a 2011 survey of 60,000 new parents in 22 Spanish speaking countries (including Latinos in the U.S.), the name Jerónimo jumped from 81st to 18th on the list of most popular baby names.

Santiago and Sofia, meanwhile, remained the most popular names for baby boys and girls, according to the survey. However, 11 new names were added to the top 100 list of baby boys, including Iker, Lorenzo,Valentín and Cristóbal.

Some of the names that made the greatest jump were Arianna (from 71st most popular to 29th), Ivanna (formerly 88, now at 45) and Michelle (up from 87 to 36).

The website surmises that name "Iker" experienced its surge because of Spanish soccer phenom Iker Casillas and "Michelle" because of the first lady, Michelle Obama.

In a 2009 article by Jeffrey Kluger in TIME Magazine, the author argues that Latino sounding names will decrease in popularity in the United States, citing Social Security Administration statistics.

Kulger writes that, "Though a fair number of Spanish names for both sexes will find asylum on American shores, the majority appear doomed."

The same article reports that between 1998 and 2008, the name "Juan" went from 48th most popular to 66th, "Guillermo" from 359th to 470, and Manuel from 147th to 186th.

Below are the top 10 boy and girl names in 2011 for Spanish speakers as compiled by BabyCenter en Español . Click here to see the top 100 for both genders.

1. Sofia
2. Isabella
3. Camila
4. Valentina
5. Valeria
6. Mariana
7. Luciana
8. Daniela
9. Gabriela
10. Victoria

1. Santiago
2. Sebastian
3. Matias
4. Mateo
5. Nicolas
6. Alejandro
7. Diego
8. Samuel
9. Benjamin
10. Daniel