12/07/2011 07:36 am ET Updated Feb 06, 2012

Armie Hammer On 'J. Edgar': Clyde Tolson Role Is Revenge

J. Edgar Hoover's career was all about keeping tabs on rivals and getting revenge. Now, the tables have been turned.

Actor Armie Hammer's great-grandfather, business tycoon and philanthropist Armand Hammer, was targeted by Hoover for his close ties to the Soviet Union. In a fun twist, the young Hammer plays Hoover's assistant and maybe-lover Clyde Tolson in Clint Eastwood's new biopic of the former FBI chief, "J. Edgar."

"I remember stories as a kid, of like, they went through the trash or they were listening on the phone, and I thought, oh, you guys might be full of yourselves," he told Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night. Then, he read the script, and agreed: his headline-stealing smooches with Leonardo DiCaprio's Hoover in the film made for some sweet, sweet revenge on the infamous lawman.

Hammer also made mention of the fact that, anytime he approached an FBI agent to discuss Hoover, they acted "like Hoover was going to come out of his grave," such was the intimidation factor and power of the 20th century's top cop.

In addition, the "Social Network" star also spoke about his wife's love of craigslist and their new bakery -- as well as the anger little people feel towards Kimmel.

Check out the interview by clicking here; when it's available, we'll embed the video.