12/07/2011 03:32 pm ET

Libya's Post-Gaddafi Graffiti Revolution (VIDEO)

Following Colonel Gaddafi's fall from power, Libya experienced a revolution not only in politics but in imagery as well. Gaddafi and his regime' depiction changed from symbols of fear to symbols of mockery.

Following the downfall of Gaddafi, the masses of Libya were allowed to exercise their paint brushes as well as their voices. Libya has become a canvas, its streets telling the stories of its citizens, stories that were silenced and ignored for so long.

The vibrant amalgamation of street art and graffiti shows the drastic changes that Libya is currently undergoing. When before the murals would have been whitewashed immediately, now the colors serve to inspire the Libyan people with the sentiments of the revolution.

The graffiti is a poignant and relevant expression of the current political climate. However, as time passes, will the street art still serve an important purpose?

Check out a slideshow of some standout Libyan street art here.