12/07/2011 02:25 pm ET Updated Dec 07, 2011

Martha Stewart And Ryan Farr: Stewart Makes Penis Jokes With San Francisco Butcher (VIDEO)

San Francisco butcher Ryan Farr certainly had his hands full on a recent episode of "The Martha Stewart Show."

On the episode that airs Thursday, the 4505 Meats founder went on the show to teach Stewart how to make chicken apple sausage, a 4505 specialty. What Farr undoubtedly assumed would be a family-friendly program quickly took a turn when Stewart began making phallic sausage jokes.


The fun began when Stewart started exploring Farr's bowl of cured pig intestine casings -- a "sort of slimy looking mess," according to Stewart.

"These are really like rubber balloons actually," said Stewart. "Or condoms."

"Or condoms. Yeah," said Farr. "I don't know if I'd want to use this as a condom, but, I mean..."

"Well I bet they work," replied Stewart. "If they work for sausage."

"It holds the meat in," laughed Farr.

The audience roared with laughter and Farr was an incredibly great sport, since we're 100 percent positive it was the first time he'd heard a penis joke about sausage making. Ever.

The jokes didn't stop there. Later, Stewart mused about "getting the rhythm" when putting the meat in the casing, and made remarks about her "cute" little sausages. "I could make another joke," she smiled. "But I will not."

Farr seemed genuinely surprised at Stewart's suggestive vulgarity, but we weren't fooled. We've seen her slap noodles with young San Francisco chefs before. While Stewart's joke may seem more than a little predictable, it is refreshing to see her continuously testing the limits of the Hallmark Channel.

Check out a clip from Ryan Farr's appearance on "The Martha Stewart Show" that airs on Thursday below: