12/08/2011 07:31 am ET Updated Dec 08, 2011

Shakira's Interview On Rumors And What It's Like To Be Famous (VIDEO)

In this interview of Shakira by "Aqui Y Ahora", the Colombian pop star looks like a smitten 15 year-old when she talks about her boyfriend, Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique. Although she refuses to talk much about her relationship, saying she wants to keep her private life private, the smile on her face and the flirty laughter, are obvious signs that Shakira is crushing on her boyfriend.

Although there were speculations of the couple dating since 2010 in the South African World Cup, they didn't officially come out as a couple until the beginning of this year.

When the interviewer asks Shakira about her getting back with Argentinian ex-boyfriend, Antonio De La Rua, Shakira looks shocked. She quickly denies the rumor and goes on to say that she's happy with Pique. Very happy, apparently. She says "happy" repeatedly.

Earlier in October, it looked like Shakira and her Spanish beau were hitting rocky times, but the singer quickly dismissed those rumors via Twitter, according to AOL Latino.

All eyes have been on Shakira since she was recently honored as the 2011 Person Of The Year By Latin Recording Academy and awarded a star in the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

The Colombian pop star politely stresses that she would rather not comment any further on her personal life seeing as it has become difficult to keep one at all when you're "famous and under public scrutiny all day."