12/08/2011 08:51 am ET Updated Dec 08, 2011

Bowling Green State Students Thank Donors With Hilarious Rap Video

After donors gave $32 million to build a sports center at Bowling Green State University, their names were etched on building fronts and gym floors as tradition would expect. But for the grateful athletes at the Ohio college, such permanent tributes didn't suffice.

To thank the philanthropists for taking their game to another level, Falcon athletes decided to spin rhymes and produce a music video to post for the world to see on YouTube.

"It tells a story and it entertains," Mary Ellen Gillespie, associate athletics director for external relations told "It has become the 'wow' that we wanted it to be."

Mikey (Rosco) Blair raps about each of the three major donors, who all hit the court during their cameos in the video.

For Kermit Stroh, who gave the second largest gift in university history , Blair let him know just how well he'll be remembered.

"Kerm Stroh came back in the 60s, looked around, thought this place was nifty. He gave a cool 8 mill, his name is sure to survive, because you can see it in lights from the 75"

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