12/08/2011 10:29 am ET

Courtney Stodden Turns Down Reality Show

We officially have no idea what Courtney Stodden's game plan is.

Since she burst into the public eye after marrying 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison, we all knew Stodden was a reality show waiting to happen.

Given the couple's propensity for demanding attention, we were shocked to learn the 17-year-old turned down a lucrative deal to star in a VH1 reality show.

RadarOnline reports the couple were offered a spot on "Relationship Rehab," a show that will follow a group of couples living together in a Los Angeles home and would receive counseling.

The aspiring model, actress and singer and her much older husband were reportedly offered between $150,000 and $200,000 to appear on the eight-episode series, created by "Celebrity Rehab" producer, John Irwin.

There are plenty of things that don't make sense about Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison, but a source told RadarOnline that while people expect the two to be a 'train wreck,' the couple actually have "an incredibly strong relationship and seem very happy. So doing a show about going into 'rehab' just doesn't make sense for them."

Courtney's mother and manager, Krista Stodden, confirmed her daughter and son-in-law had turned down the offer. She told the website, the couple are faced with many career opportunities, and she's "impressed by their ability to stay true to their convictions ... and respectfully pass on projects they may feel are not completely right for them."

This is actually the second offer the fame-hungry couple as turned down.

Hutchison, who was last seen acting on "Lie To Me," recently turned down a movie role where he would play a director who who seduces a teen pop star, as he was concerned people may not be able to separate him from the character. That's a big gamble for someone who was dropped by his agent after marrying a teenager.

Despite this decision, it's still likely you'll see Courtney and Doug on reality TV at some point. In September, the teen bride signed a deal with Merv Griffin Entertainment to produce a reality show about the couple's lives.

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