12/08/2011 01:05 pm ET

Ellie Kemper Engaged: 'Office' Star, Michael Koman To Wed

The party planning committee better get a move on because "The Office" star Ellie Kemper is engaged! Kemper took to "Conan" to announce the big news Wednesday night -- she's set to walk down the aisle with Michael Koman.

"My family likes him a lot. They've met him many times," Kemper told Conan of her fiance, whom the host mentioned worked for him as a writer for many years. "My parents are very warm, welcoming people to begin with, but also, Michael's a delight."

But Komen wasn't an instant smash hit with Kemper's family. Kemper recalled one Thanksgiving, to which she brought her then boyfriend Komen, when her grandfather gave her a "plenty of fish in the sea" lecture -- but kept it timely, swapping the fish analogy with Thanksgiving pies.

Congratulations, Ellie!