12/08/2011 09:06 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Too Late,' Rani Naamani Short Film, Is Zombie Horror With A Twist (VIDEO)

Rani Naamani is an animator employed by Dreamworks, but in his free time, he dreams up bite-sized short films that offer more than their two-minute runtimes would suggest -- perfect for those of us with web-induced ADD. Naamani started a side project this year aptly titled Side Films, where him and his friend Carlos Puertolas try to learn more about filmmaking by doing a series of short films.

But these guys seem to have the basics down. Their latest project, "Too Late," is a zombie tale with horror and humor at all the right parts. At less than two minutes, it's smartly paced -- an older film, "Happy Birthday…," has a similar effect in a matter of 60-some seconds. We're hoping for 15 seconds next. Guys, how about it?


Too Late from SIDE FILMS on Vimeo.