12/09/2011 12:22 pm ET Updated Dec 09, 2011

Michael Zone, WWII Vet, Graduates From High School At 90

The motto for Desert Rose Adult High School and Career Center in North Las Vegas insists "it's never too late to graduate." At 90, Michael Zone certainly proved this message to be true when he got his diploma on Thursday.

Originally from Canada, this WWII vet had enough life and business experience to retire without the added stresses of school work and exams. But, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal, some motivation from his 8th grade grandson, Matthew, pushed him back into the classroom.

“Without an education, you’re lost,” Zone told the Las Vegas Star. “Life is a hell of a lot more interesting with an education.”

Though he found it interesting, Zone didn't find it easy.

Zone needed to pass four exams to get his diploma, but failed his math final by eight points, the Las Vegas Star reports. But the determined pupil wouldn't give up. He met with tutors and clocked in additional hours of studying. He passed the exam in November.

“Michael overcame that disappointment,” Roy Addington, Zone's English teacher told the Las Vegas Star. “Everybody makes mistakes, but he just kept trying. He’s an extraordinary human being.”

Zone told the Clark County School District that he hopes his accomplishment will inspire the younger generation, those 70 years his junior, to stay in school.

"I want to be an inspiration for the other kids," he said. "Without a diploma, you can't do anything."