12/11/2011 08:42 pm ET

'Entourage' Movie: Jeremy Piven Hopeful, Vague About Project (VIDEO)

Despite the somewhat underwhelming "Entourage," finale, fans of the show --and the cast themselves -- have been clamoring for a post-script movie. So when Jeremy Piven stopped by "The Talk" (weekdays, syndicated on CBS) to promote his new film "I Melt You," the ladies had to ask about the 'Entourage' project.

Piven was optimistic, but vague about the potential film. "We're teed up for a movie in a way that, you know, Ari has this conundrum that he's facing," Piven said, "which is either to rule the world or to honor his love to his wife." Just to clarify, Sheryl Underwood asked, "So the movie's going to happen?" and Piven, without giving a solid confirmation, responded in the affirmative. "That's the rumor right now." As observers of the 'Arrested Development' movie news cycle know well, vague optimism can satiate a rabid fan-base for years.

In September, "Entourage" producer Mark Wahlberg confirmed to PEOPLE that a movie was in the works. "It better happen," he said. "We're working on a movie as we speak."

When Aisha Tyler then asked Piven if he knew what he was getting into when he first signed on to do "Entourage," he talked about the potential he saw in Ari Gold, even though the pilot script only had one scene with Ari. "There is an Ari Emanuel that represents Mark Wahlberg, so these people exist ... Ari Emanuel is such a powerful guy that lives in such dualities that I was like, 'Wow, if they, if they let this character run a bit, it could be interesting," Piven said. "Entourage" fans are hoping Ari gets two more hours to develop.