12/09/2011 06:08 pm ET Updated Dec 09, 2011

Percentage Point 'Outliers'

Josh Putnam argues its too late for a new Republican candidate; Rhodes Cook isn't so sure, Nate Silver and Jon Bernstein weigh in.

Patrick Murray considers Newt's rising poll numbers.

Jon Berstein explains why he isn't taking Newt's rising poll numbers seriously, Seth Masket agrees.

David Hill worries about Republican hesitation to back Mitt.

Sean Trende has more on the anti-Mitt Republicans.

Mark Mellman offers the structural reasons why Obama isn't toast.

John Sides reviews the political science research on how much race cost Obama in 2008.

Scott Clement examines the relationship between lowering unemployment numbers, job approval and economic attitudes.

Carl Bialik reviews the cell phone challenge to polling.

Public Opinion Strategies honors Kimberly Webb Joyner.

xkcd is irritated with imprecision in polling coverage.