12/09/2011 04:09 pm ET

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Thought Hanukkah Was Kwanzaa (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh accused President Obama of thinking that Hanukkah was Kwanzaa on his Friday radio show.

He was referring to the White House Hanukkah celebration on Thursday, where all eight candles of the menorah were lit. The president acknowledged that the ceremony was taking place ahead of time, and jokingly warned parents against letting their kids think that Hanukkah lasts twenty days.

On Friday, Limbaugh speculated that President Obama lit all the candles because he thought it was Kwanzaa. "It also has a candelabra," Limbaugh said about Kwanzaa. "It was seven candles instead of eight for Hanukkah and you light them all at once, so Obama had a menorah there, he lit them all at once. I'm sure he thought it was Kwanzaa."

He also mocked the origins of Kwanzaa, which he said was founded to end "the Christmas season exploitation of African-Americans." Limbaugh asked, "Was it all the black Santa Clauses that were out there in the department stores?"