12/09/2011 12:49 pm ET

Stephanie Wilson, Florida Teacher, Suspended For Hosing Down Student (POLL)

Stephanie Wilson, a 52-year-old elementary school teacher from Dunedin, Fla., has been put on a 10-day unpaid suspension after she used a water hose to clean a young student outside the building after he soiled himself, the St. Petersberg Times reports.

The report states Wilson and the pre-kindergarten student went to the side of the Dunedin Elementary building, where a plant operator held up a towel while she hosed the child down.

The Associated Press reports that Wilson told the child's parent about the incident, apologized repeatedly, and admitted to poor judgement.

Wilson later signed a legal agreement with the Pinellas County School Board, where she admits to violating five board policies and understands that further violations could result in disciplinary action.

A spokesperson for the district told Bay News 9 that all pre-K classrooms are equipped with bathrooms for these very situations.

Parents of children at the school told the station they were outraged.

"There's no way that you should have been hosed down by a teacher. That's just wrong," parent Jodi Sabelli told the station.

"Be a little more discrete than that. You don't take a child on the side of the building and hose them down. I just can't believe that!" parent Brienne Ellingwood added.