12/11/2011 01:45 pm ET

Animal Photos Of The Week

Some of the best animal pictures this week came from quite a surprising bunch of creatures.

If you haven't met the baby short-tailed fruit bat named Lil' Drac yet, be sure to watch this video. The bat was abandoned by its mother and is now being hand raised by rescuers.

In other cute animal news, check out the video of Teddy the greedy porcupine eating a pumpkin, and the clever Husky puppy that figured out his owner's refrigerator ice dispenser.

Other heartwarming animal videos were a little more extreme. This video of a double-amputee U.S. soldier who skydives with his military working dog is an example of tremendous bravery, even off the battlefield.

If you're welcoming a new pet into your home this holiday season and need a name, the top 25 cat and dog names of 2011 were recently revealed. Kitty topped the list for cats, and Bella got the top spot for puppy names.

Rats may get a bad reputation among most people, but a new study found that rats are a little nicer to each other than previously thought. In experiments with food and other rats locked in cages, researchers found that rats will demonstrate empathy and selflessness, and free other rats and share their food before eating.

Sadly, a 25 year old Australian veterinarian was gored to death by a pygmy elephant in Borneo this week. Jenny O'Grady Donley was reported to have walked within 10 meters (30 feet) of the elephant before it charged her.

Check out the best animal photos that made the news this week and be sure to vote for your favorites!