12/11/2011 10:44 am ET Updated Dec 11, 2011

'SNL' Digital Short: Katy Perry, Matt Damon, Val Kilmer & Andy Samberg Are Best Friends (VIDEO)

It may not have been the holiday card you wanted, but it was definitely the one you needed.

"Saturday Night Live"'s Digital Short this week was a message of friendship and fun for the holiday season, which quickly devolved into meth and twisted medical experiments. Andy Samberg and Katy Perry kicked the short off by festively sauntering through the streets of New York, until they make the mistake of asking "a handsome drug addict," played by Matt Damon, to join their crew. Things take a turn from then on, but the jovial song remains.

By the time Val Kilmer's brilliant lunatic comes into the picture, this message of holiday cheer is well on its way to bizarro land. But don't worry, Abraham Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe eventually show up, too. Because why not?