12/12/2011 11:17 am ET

Ben Speas Goal: North Carolina Beats Charlotte To Win NCAA Soccer Championship (VIDEO)

Without knowing the stakes, a YouTube clip of a breathtaking soccer goal is only slightly more impressive than footage of slam dunk in basketball without any contextualization. While goals are certainly harder to come by than dunks, there are enough matches in enough leagues in enough countries around the world to leave no doubt that not all pretty goals are truly golazos.

Of course, the are certainly strikes masterful enough to transcend their surroundings and goals meaningful for their off-field resonance but it is rare that a goal can be both superlative in beauty and significance. However, this wonderful strike by Ben Speas for the University of North Carolina certainly checks all the boxes.

With UNC tied with Charlotte, 0-0, in the 65th minute of the national championship game, Speas took matters onto his own foot, mazing his way through several defenders before firing home the championship winner with his left boot. UNC would hold on to win, 1-0.