12/12/2011 05:04 pm ET

Best Athlete Tweets Of The Week (December 6th-11th): LeBron James, Shaq, And Chris Paul Among The Best

This week's compilation of athlete tweets, not surprisingly, focused on the drama surrounding what has been a shortened NBA free-agency period. Last week, David Stern pulled the plug on a blockbuster three-team trade that would have sent Hornets All-Star Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers. In response, Paul tweeted simply what most basketball fans were thinking, "Wow." Dwight Howard made light of his current standoff with Orlando Magic management, suggesting that he might be changing sports. And Chad Ochocinco unloaded a trio of tweets that may have sprung our favorite new sports phrase of the year: "Sharon is Karen."

As usual, we've scoured our timeline from the past week to bring you what we believe to be the best of the best that athletes have to offer via Twitter. Vote on which athlete you believe had this week's best tweet. The winner will be given remarkable Interweb cred and 140 characters worth of salutations via the @HuffPostSports Twitter account.

Best Athlete Tweets Of The Week (December 5-December 11th)

Last week's champion tweeter was a first time winner, Milwaukee Bucks rookie Tobias Harris, who made a pretty apt observation on what people say versus what they mean.

Please give his a follow @Tobias31 and vote for you favorite tweet of this week in the slideshow above.