12/12/2011 04:32 pm ET Updated Dec 12, 2011

Jim Norris, Owner Of 3 Kings Tavern, Gets Benefit Shows For Nearly Fatal Spider Bite Medical Bills

On the Thursday before Halloween, Jim Norris, co-owner of Denver art and music venue 3 Kings Tavern, woke up to a small bite on his backside and didn't think much of it. But, that small bite turned life-threatening by Monday after Norris spent the weekend vomiting and in more and more severe pain with a bite that had swelled to several times its original size and spread down his leg.

Norris talked to HuffPost about the harrowing incident, "I spent the next six days at Parker Adventist with antibiotics fed through an I.V. trying to break my fever and fix the huge rash/bump that had spread down to the back of my knee. The doctors told me that if I hadn't made it to the hospital when I did I would have been dead by Tuesday morning. I was terrified."

The doctors never did determine the exact spider that bit Norris, but based on the damage done, they did not think it was a Recluse or Black Widow, but more likely the bite of the more common Grey or White spider.

If only a life-threatening spider bite was all Norris had to deal with, but unfortunately, Norris does not have health insurance and the bills piled up. But, as Westword reported friends, artists and musicians stepped up to help Norris in his time of need. There are now five benefit shows planned to help raise money for the medical bills Norris accumulated.

Norris told HuffPost this about the benefit shows and the flood of love he has recieved:

I mentioned to one friend about my lack of insurance and how I was worried about the bills and everything just took off from there. It's an amazing feeling having so many people care enough about you to do all these fundraisers. I don't really think I'm worthy, but I promise to pay all this love forward. I really love this town and I love our music scene. Very humbled by the whole thing.

ZetaKaye House, a Denver/Boulder independent arts promoter, is also going to donate all money raised from its "This Ain't No Cowtown Vol. 2" music compilation to Norris' cause as well, according to The Onion A/V Club.


John Baxter of ZetaKaye House, who has been a part of many benefits/fundraisers in the local scene for nearly ten years, said the outpouring of support for Norris is like nothing he's ever seen before:

It's not that those other events didn't have great support, it's just that with Jim's fundraisers I have become even more aware of how far Jim's reach is, beyond my miniscule world. And it goes beyond being a club owner/promoter. He's a true human being and we in the local art community see him for this. I have a supreme amount of passion for helping out others when they are in need, but Jim's just not an 'other,' he's Rev Jim. And that means the world to me.

Over 35 bands have offered to play the fundraiser shows and each show will have a gallery (in the Phoenix Gallery, in the basement of 3 Kings) with artwork donated by local artists and products donated by local businesses, "artists are donating their time, money and artwork, all for Jim," Baxter said.

Artists or businesses that are interested in being involved, can contact Norris here. All proceeds from the shows and proceeds from the Phoenix Gallery will go to Jim's medical bills. Go to the "This Ain't No Cowtown" Bandcamp page for more info on the comp and on donating to Norris.

Below is the full release of the show lineups:

Thursday, January 12th:
Glass Hits
Ross Etherton (of Red Cloud West) and The Chariots of Judah
Allout Helter
Host: Comedian Nathan Lund
Phoenix Gallery DJ: Mike Howard
Doors for gallery: 6PM (with suggested donation of $5)
Doors for show: 8PM
Cost: $5

Thursday, January 19th:
Bad Luck City
Champagne Charlie
Red Stinger
Host: Comedian Sam Tallent
Phoenix Gallery DJ: Sindo Lamas
Doors for gallery: 6PM (with suggested donation of $5)
Doors for show: 8PM
Cost: $5

Thursday, January 26th:
The Dutch Rudders (aka The Nuns of Brixton, without the Habits)
Calder's Revolvers
Bonnie and The Beard
New Ben Franklins
Special performance from: Drum Club
Host: Comedian Chris Charpentier
Phoenix Gallery DJ: Dave Wilkinson
Doors for gallery: 6PM (with suggested donation of $5)
Doors for show: 8PM
Cost: $5

Friday, February 10th:
TaunTaun's return to the stage! First performance since September 2010!
Git Some
Host: Sid Pink
Phoenix Gallery DJ: Eryc Eyl (aka DJ Savior Breath)
Doors for gallery: 6PM (with suggested donation of $5)
Doors for show: 8PM
Cost: $7 (presale tickets will be available soon)

All shows will take place at 3 Kings Tavern (60 S Broadway)
Doors at 6PM for Phoenix Gallery w/ a suggested donation of $5
Doors for shows 8PM
All shows are 21+



Listen to "This Ain't No Cowtown Vol. 2":