12/12/2011 12:55 pm ET

Kim Kardashian Friend Jonathan Cheban Attacked, Raises Safety Concerns For Reality Star

This weekend's shocking "flour bombing" assault on Jonathan Cheban has him worried for his safety and wondering what stunt supporters of best friend Kim Kardashian's soon-to-be-ex-husband Kris Humphries will resort to next.

"Can you believe how crazy people are?" a stunned Cheban told HuffPost after an attacker, who has yet to be identified by police, flung flour in his face outside of Kardashian's New York DASH store. "I am disturbed and embarrassed that people still act like this."

The "Spin Crowd" star, who has increased his security after receiving threats related to his decision to explore legal action against Humphries, appears to have reason to be concerned.

"This is for Kris Humphries!" the assailant shouted as Cheban emerged from his jewelry launch at the Soho store.

While "flour bombing" could be taken by some as humorous rather than dangerous, a close friend of Kardashian's said she was "horrified" at the incident, and concerned for both Cheban's and her own safety. The friend also said Cheban has "left town for a while," due to security concerns.

"This might seem funny but it was very scary," the friend explained. "This time it was flour but next time it could be someone much more dangerous. Throwing white powder around in New York City is no joke."

A representative for Humphries told TMZ, Kris "would never condone hateful and unacceptable behavior like that to anyone, in any situation."

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