12/12/2011 09:54 am ET

Michael Wilbon Twitter Hacked? ESPN Host's Account Seems To Have Been Hacked By Fan of Packers, Adam Schefter

Before his beloved Chicago Bears hosted the NFC North rival Green Bay Packers in last year's NFC Championship Game, ESPN talking head and columnist Michael Wilbon wrote about his longstanding dislike for the Pack:

Even now, there's nothing green and gold in my closet, no green and gold in my entire house that I can think of. Those colors, to anybody who grew up in the Midwest, belong to the Green Bay Packers. And as a Chicago kid, born and raised, I learned early on to despise the Packers and everything associated with them.

The headline for his column was "A Revolting Thought." Unfortunately, for Wilbon and his fellow Bears fans, the Packers would win that game, and the next one too. In fact, the Packers have yet to lose a game between now and then, including a 46-16 thrashing of the Raiders on Sunday.

Regarding that most recent Green Bay win, a curious tweet, considering his well-known allegiance, was issued from the PTI host's Twitter account.

This message certainly didn't seem to fit alongside the previous 15 tweets about the Bears' dispiriting loss to Tim Tebow and the Broncos. Nor did it really seem in character for anything that we know about Wilbon.

Is this because it wasn't Mike Wilbon at the controls of this account?

A quick glance at the profile at the top of his Twitter page certainly seems to suggest that is the case. Not only did the handle "JJN" and then the phrase "JJN Was Here" replace Wilbon's name but the profile info has been changed:

"Don't fret just yet my little chinese jewish ginger baby, your account is in good hands at the moment."

The tweets following the pro-Packers post seem about as nonsensical as the profile revision and mostly involve whomever is controlling the account saying hello to a few folks, including ESPN football reporter Adam Schefter. The relentless NFL insider seems to be of particular interest to the apparent hacker as the URL address added to above profile directs to Schefter's Twitter account.

Wilbon had initially been so reluctant to open a Twitter account, and such a detractor of the social media platform, that he'd felt compelled to write a column on the occasion of signing up in April 2011. After outlining the reasons that he had previously been uninterested in Twitter, he shares the reaction of his PTI co-host Tony Kornheiser to his having signed up.

Kornheiser's only reaction yesterday when I told him I had opened a Twitter account was, and I quote, "This is going to come back to bite you in the ass." Thanks for the love, Mooch.

It seems like Mooch may finally be proven right.