12/12/2011 12:45 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2012

The Arts Of Occupation

As protesters crossed the Brooklyn Bridge on the evening of the November 17 Day of Action, New York City's skyline was subjected to an unexpected, surreal alteration. To the awe and delight of marchers, the facade of the Verizon Building, a banal grey monolith looming over the bridge, was transformed into a monumental screen onto which OWS slogans were projected: Mic Check; We Are Unstoppable, Another World Is Possible; This Is the Beginning of the Beginning; We...Are...the...99%. This last phrase was repeated for several minutes, creating a kind of interactive dance with demonstrators who chanted along with the projection's pulsating rhythm. At one point the word Occupy appeared with a rapid succession of cities and towns flashing below it, ultimately culminating in the phrase Occupy Earth. Finally, a single image, "99%", appeared inside a circle, recalling the fictional Gotham City's famous bat signal.

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