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Water Parks In Denver: A Huffington Post Travel Guide

Water parks in Denver, Colo. provide a great summer experience to remember when the temperature dips down into the single digits during the winter months. Denver's water parks offer some of the most exciting slides and attractions in the western United States. As part of a Huffington Post travel series on family-fun parks, here is our guide to all the key information visitors need to know about Denver's water parks.

Elitch Gardens Water Park

Elitch Gardens has one distinct advantage over other Denver water parks: it's an amusement park you can visit for one ticket price. Even without the opportunity to ride a few roller coasters in between trips to the wave pool, Elitch Gardens has enough to occupy any water park fan for a day.

Hook's Lagoon

Hook's Lagoon is remarkably like any kid's dream playground: five stories of water spraying gadgets, mini-pools to get wet in and a bucket that provides a huge, surprising burst from above.

Big Drops

Elitch Gardens emphasizes the thrill ride element of the water park world, featuring slides with big drops sending you down in to the pool below at high speeds, whether it's Edge's drop of 42 feet or Cannonball Falls' twin-covered tubes racing to the finish.


The Elitch Gardens complex has a shockingly wide variety of dining options, including the standard theme park options, but also a sports bar, sushi and a French fries stand offering a number of custom toppings.


Adult, $42.99; children under 48 inches and seniors over 62, $29.99

Safety Record

There have been two accidents at Elitch Gardens, one involving rider negligence and one involving a ride operator. Also, a ride stopped, trapping passengers for an hour. Otherwise, the park has a clean safety record.

Address: 2000 Elitch Circle, Denver, CO 80204
Telephone 303-595-4386
Hours of Operation The water park is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Water World

Take a helicopter tour of Water World. See in a minute what it'll take you and your family all day to experience. Sixty-seven acres in size, Water World is advertised as America's largest water park, and looking at the list of attractions and rides here, that claim is easy to believe. Take a six-story plunge on the Revolution or the Speed Slides, ride the rapids on the Tortuga Run, or relax with the little ones in Wally World. There's something for everyone, from thrill ride enthusiasts to kids just wanting to splash around.

Wave Pool

Some water parks only have slides and no wave pools. Some parks are lucky enough to have one wave pool. Water World takes wave action to a new level with two pools -- Captain Jack's Wave Pool, the tamer option, and Thunder Bay, where waves rush in every six minutes.

The Wave

The Wave, a curved surfing simulator, gives you an opportunity to do some surfing without getting anywhere near the ocean. As you ride the fast paced current up thrilling crests, do your best to hang ten and not wipe out.


Water World has the standard theme park fare -- burgers, pizza, Mexican food, ice cream -- but the pleasant surprise is that the prices aren't as inflated as is generally expected. There are also a number of picnic areas, if you choose to bring your own food.


Anyone over 48 inches tall, $35.99; anyone 41-47 inches tall, $30.99; anyone under 40 inches tall, free

Safety Record

Water World has a largely impeccable safety record over its thirty-year history. However, a man drowned at the park in 2009.

Address: 1800 W. 89th Ave., Denver, CO 80260
Telephone: 303-427-7873
Hours of Operation While there are exceptions (check the park's website), the park's hours are usually 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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What's your favorite water park in Denver?

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