12/13/2011 07:49 pm ET Updated 4 days ago

Chronicle Books Releases Adorable San Francisco Holiday Video (VIDEO)

As if Chronicle Books wasn't cool enough already, the San Francisco-based independent book publisher released an adorable "happy holidays" video on Monday.

The non-denominational video features jump cuts of hands building snowflakes from spools of thread, diner-style sugar dispensers, sand and shells, and, of course, open books. In the video description, Chronicle asked viewers to "picture a snowflake on a sunny day in San Francisco," "dream of dancing bobbins and spinning sugar crystals" and "image a book coming to life." It continued, "It's a magical season - anything's possible." The video ended with a simple tagline: "This holiday, let your imagination sparkle." And if this is not the sweetest thing you've ever heard, then you are awful.

Check the video by Chronicle Books below. Happy holidays everyone!