12/13/2011 03:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Marion Cotillard For Dior In Funny, Hollywood-Skewering Ad (VIDEOS)

Most fashion videos are stultifyingly unoriginal, or at best simply boring. But Marion Cotillard's latest installment for Christian Dior, "L.A.dy Dior", is totally awesome -- sarcastic, irreverent and downright funny.

Reuniting with director John Cameron Mitchell, who directed her previous Dior videos (including this one co-starring Ian McKellan), Cotillard plays a Hollywood starlet named Margaux.

She's an unhappy celebrity surrounded on all sides by a flock of L.A. stereotypes -- the manipulative, gray-suited agent; the champagne-swilling, gay hairdresser; the self-absorbed fashion stylist; and the demanding male photographer with the vaguely European name.

With these characters and more (with names like Britannia, Durandon and Deni) hovering over her, Margaux has no choice but to react in the most L.A.-appropriate way possible: she throws a total temper tantrum.

But not without grabbing the latest Lady Dior bag first.