12/14/2011 02:15 pm ET

Chanel Sneakers, Ping-Pong Paddles Are... Interesting (PHOTOS)

In case you had any doubts, the Chanel interlocking C's can be put on anything.

On ping-pong paddles? Sure. How about some tennis balls? You bet. What about heinous neon high-tops, circa 1994? Oh, hell to the yes.

Some folks over at Neo2 hit up a Chanel press preview in Madrid recently and snapped some fun photos of the newest Chanel goods -- there's new nail polish, quilted bags, some skirt suits.

There was also a treasure trove of branded athletic gear including some pairs of shockingly bright kicks. Who do you expect to wear these, Karl -- the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Then again, they're just the thing for when you play a game of H-O-R-S-E with this chic, black and white Chanel basketball (price upon request, obvs).

Check out the sporty designer gear below -- how much are you loving the idea of Anna Wintour wearing these sneakers?

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