12/14/2011 06:21 am ET Updated Feb 13, 2012

'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta': Sheree Whitfield's Ex-Husband Schools Her Lawyer In Court (VIDEO)

With a new lawyer in tow, Sheree Whitfield walked into the courtroom for her child support battle with her ex-husband Bob on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" (Tue., 9PM ET on Bravo). Phaedra Parks is a friend, but was wary of representing Sheree because she hadn't fully paid two previous attorneys -- she didn't feel they did a good enough job.

After convincing Sheree to not flaunt her wealth with her style in court, Parks was ready. It turned out to be good advice, because Bob was not only dressed way down, he was there representing himself. Parks said this was to emphasize how much poorer he is -- Bob was petitioning to lower his child support expectations.

Right away, he filed a petition for contempt against Sheree, and just like that her day in court was delayed. "I did go to Stanford," he smiled when asked by Parks if he really intended to represent himself throughout.

Sheree was upset that Parks didn't have an immediate response. "At the end of the day she was outsmarted by an ex-football player who represented himself," she said. Parks may be starting to worry about her bill getting paid at this point. Hopefully this case won't impact their friendship.

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