12/15/2011 11:36 am ET Updated Dec 15, 2011

'Sneaky Mom' Wins Kimmel's Clip Of The Year (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night, Kimmel took a look back at some of the best viral videos of 2011 and awarded one special family his annual Clip Of The Year trophy.

The nominated clips included Mexican Wrestlers, The Monkey Family, Streaker Surprise, Waka Flocka Wake Up and Iguana In Bathtub. But the video that stood out from the rest and claimed the top prize was none other than "You Ate My Candy, You Sneaky Mom."

The video, which was seen nearly 25 million times on YouTube, features two young brothers, C.J. and Jake, who are shocked to learn that their mother has eaten their Halloween candy (a prank Kimmel challenged parents to try).

The entire family claimed their prize via Skype, with the two boys decked out in adorable tuxedos. Whether they totally understand that they have just won a MAJOR award is beside the point.

Check out the full clip above and let us know if you agree with the top pick or if you think the trophy should have gone to one of the other nominees.