12/16/2011 01:47 pm ET

Perry Beats Romney, Bachmann And Paul In Comic Book Battle (Gingrich Not In Race)

Rick Perry might be sinking fast in the polls, but he's still winning where it's least important -- comic book supremacy.

In February, Bluewater Productions, a Vancouver, Wash., publisher that specializes in biographical comic books, will be releasing a series called "Political Power," that tells the stories of Perry, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul, as well as a special issue dedicated to the Tea Party Movement.

Although the latest Real Clear Politics poll has Perry polling around 6.8 percent among voters, Bluewater spokesman Jason Schultz says the Texas governor is averaging 10 percent more advance sales than the other candidates.

"I'm not sure why that is," Schultz told the Huffington Post. "These are advance orders from comic book retailers and maybe he's popular with that demographic."

Amazingly, Newt Gingrich supporters won't have the chance to buy a comic book bio of their hero, according to Schultz.

"We do not plan one at this time," Schultz said.

Each of the political comic books that are being planned are straight biographies so none of the candidates featured have super powers such as able to leap over previous flip-flops in a single bound or run faster than the 24-hour news cycle.

The Perry campaign has yet to comment on whether it feels comic book pre-orders are an accurate measure of political support for the governor.