12/15/2011 03:59 pm ET

Tim Tebow Mania: Tim Craig, Country Singer, Writes Song About Tim Tebow Called 'Winning On Tebow Time' (VIDEO)

Well, I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later.

Tebow has carried the Broncos to six straight wins and Elway himself declared that the "Mile High Magic" is back.

'Tebowing' is officially a word and an Internet meme sensation. There are Tebow jersey’s sporting "Jesus'" name instead. There is even a line of Tebowing-themed Christmas cards.

Magazine covers? Of course. Tebow has graced the Sports Illustrated cover alone eight times, two in the last four weeks alone.

Music? You bet. There's the catchy R&B-ish auto-tune song claiming all Tebow does is win.

Okay, how about beverages? Definitely, Bonfire Brewing in Eagle, Colo. has just debuted its Tebow inspired beer called the "Tebrew Sunday Sipper," according to 9News.

Yet, there was still something missing. Finally, that something has been created: a country song dedicated to Tim Tebow about Tim Tebow. Colorado's Tim Craig, the man behind the song, dubbed it "Winning On Tebow Time," and the lyrics chronicle the roller-coaster ride that Tebow and his fans have endured since he arrived in Denver.

Polish up your cowboy boots and check out the new song above.