12/15/2011 06:57 am ET Updated Feb 14, 2012

'Top Chef Texas': Beverly Reveals Abusive Past In Response To Heather's Bullying (VIDEO)

Working with Heather must have triggered some bad memories in Beverly on "Top Chef: Texas" (Wed., 10PM ET on Bravo). Heather was doing a lot of yelling and bullying while the two of them were partnered up, and the rough treatment prompted Beverly to use the confessional to talk about a dark chapter in her past.

"There was a time in my life I was in a very abusive relationship. Someone who physically, emotinally abused me," she explained. "And then one day when he was at work I ran away."

Since that time, she's grown a lot as a person, and one of the things she knows is that she won't even be that kind of victim again. In other words, Heather can shout and bully all she wants, but Beverly isn't going to simply lie down and take it. The bullying and meanness continues all the way to the final reveal, with Heather saying the other chefs put her in the bottom because they're jealous, and anything wrong with their dish is Bev's fault.

In the end, undercooked venison is too unforgivable to overlook, so both Heather and Bev survived to fight another week. Nyesha and Dakota were sent home in a double elimination.

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