12/16/2011 05:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Claire Danes Cursing In 'Homeland' And 'My So-Called Life' Mashup (VIDEO)

We're not sure what, exactly, Claire Danes said when she earned her Golden Globe nomination for "Homeland" on Thursday, but the words probably weren't nearly as salty as those her character on the show says every Sunday night. While playing Carrie Mathison, dedicated-to-a-fault CIA agent in hot pursuit of an American who has been turned by al-Qaeda, she swears with abandon as she finds frustration at every corner.

The role is just the latest in her long TV career, which first exploded when she played Angela Chase in the one season of cult hit "My So-Called Life." Best known for her dissatisfaction with the world, love for dunce Jordan Catalano and awesome wardrobe, she showed surprise and rolled her eyes with aplomb.

Now, New York Magazine has put the two together, and it is a true delight.