12/16/2011 01:03 pm ET Updated Dec 16, 2011

'Frenemies Round 1: Power Lunch' A Hilarious Send-Up Of Hollywood Agent Culture (VIDEO)

The entertainment industry is more than just air kisses on a red carpet. Behind the scenes, there's sabotage and backstabbing, courtesy of one's closest frenemies.

Exhibit A: "Frenemies: Round 1 - Power Lunch," a send-up of Hollywood agent culture. Written by actor Brian Henderson and directed by actor Enver Gjokaj (both of whom star in the skit), the video showcases intense agent-to-agent brinkmanship over the lowest possible stakes. From knowing the waitress's name to who can order the bloodiest meat, these agents are loathe to show even the slightest hint of weakness before their rivals.

Henderson emailed the video to Nikki Finke, saying, "It's been passing around a lot of industry offices with a lot of 'I've totally had that lunch!' "

If you want to see this showdown in real life, just drop in at any of these Beverly Hills restaurants for a weekday lunch: Grill on the Alley, Barneys Greengrass, Bouchon and South Beverly Grill.