12/16/2011 02:58 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Holiday Gifts For The New Mom (PHOTOS)

Gifts for a friend who's also a new mom don't have to be all baby clothes and bibs. Consider presents that help her out, and are also for her. For example, we've all seen new moms and some dads sporting these baby cocoons and even for the non-sewer they don't look too difficult to make. A mom can keep her baby close with a baby sling you purchase ($31.45, SlingPea) or you can use this pattern to sew an original.

Diaper Clutch
Is she tired of lugging around the full 20 pound bag wherever she goes? She can use this cute diaper clutch perfect for short trips.
($36, MomMomME)

Diaper Bag
Well OK, sometimes it's unavoidable to ditch the 20 pound bag. Here's a fashionable option to buy ($38.50, wildsproutdesign) or a pattern to make one.

Decorative Pillows
Throw pillows are a great way to prop yourself up while breast feeding and can spruce up the ol' rocking chair. For DIY pick out fabric in the new mom's favorite colors, then sew and stuff.
($22, KainKain)

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