12/16/2011 02:52 am ET Updated Feb 14, 2012

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Season Finale: Revenge Is A Dance? (VIDEO)

The gang's nightmarish trip to their high school reunion continued this week on the season finale of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (Thu., 10PM ET on FX). The episode might be called "The Gang's Revenge," but that was the last thing they achieved. Of course, fans might not know what to do if things actually worked out well for them.

After Dennis found out that his rage had been misplaced all these years -- it was Mac who slept with his prom date -- and the gang learned that he'd never even been remotely popular, they had no choice but to revert to Plan B.

Plan B was a musical number, and as it got going it had high production values, and the crowd was even getting into it.

Which meant, of course, that none of it was real. Even knowing that, the reveal of what was really happening on the dance floor was a shocking departure from what they imagined in their heads. Charlie was right all along. They just needed to go back to the bar, where they rule supreme ... usually because no one else is there.

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