12/16/2011 08:45 am ET Updated Dec 16, 2011

Michele Bachmann Style Signatures Emerge As Race Wears On (PHOTOS)

Remember when we said we didn't really understand Michele Bachmann's style? That besides the big hair, it was unclear what her signature outfits and preferred fashions were?

Mitt's got his presidential hair and his blue tie; Rick Perry's got his Texas bling and reliable red neckwear; and Ron Paul's got some major eyebrows and ill-fitting suits.

Well, 567 GOP debates later (seriously, how many of these have there been?), Bachmann's sartorial habits are becoming clear.

The Minnesota leader has embraced certain signatures as her own: foundation thick as war paint; dark, heavily lacquered lashes; squared-off acrylic nails; neutral colors like black, white and beige; and when the moment calls for it, a severe hair style exuding an undeniable level of seriousness.

The tightly wound chignon was on display last night, as Bachmann and the rest of the GOP hopefuls faced off in the final debate before the Iowa caucuses. Like at the November 12 debate, Bachmann pulled her hair back and wore large pearls on both her ears and neck. While the pearls lend a feminine touch, the hair signals that Michele is there to do business.

As for the clothes? Unlike Hillary Clinton's brights or Sarah Palin's bold red, Bachmann keeps things plain and simple: black, white, beige. Last night she paired a gleaming white blazer with a black skirt and basic black pumps (happily, she's been playing it safe with her footwear recently -- a definite improvement).

So does it work? Has Michele Bachmann hit her style stride and solidified her image? Take a look at the candidate in fine form at last night's GOP debate.

michele bachmann style signatures