12/19/2011 07:16 pm ET

Artist Gives Life To Inanimate Objects (VIDEO)

For the average individual, the idea of a world where inanimate objects come to life and engage in conversation is one of horror and grave implications, but for Brazilian multimedia artist Anaisa Franco, it is merely the beginning. The Creators Project has featured the new media sculptress with the above video.

Franco credits her psychoanalyst mother with inspiring her to breathe consciousness into inanimate objects for her surreal installations. Franco strives to reach a technological apex where objects are able to become active participants in their world. One could say that Franco personifies the "playing God" debate without the frightening consequences. She is merely inviting everyone, and everything, to participate openly.

The degree to which Franco contemplates what her work is saying innately requires her to collaborate with individuals from a variety of fields, including physics, computer programming and engineering. Franco's need to create work that is timely and relevant makes her an astounding new voice in the art world.

"To me, the new is alluring. It's fresh. It's the unknown. And to work with the unknown is more interesting to me."