12/19/2011 05:02 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2012

Bill Hader: Ruined 'Titanic' For Sorority Girls At Movie Theater

Across the country, eyes welled up during the dramatic conclusion of James Cameron's "Titanic" as viewers watched Jack Dawson slip away into the icy abyss. Teenage girls, especially, went nuts for the Oscar-winning film and its star Leonardo DiCaprio. But thanks to "Saturday Night Live" star Bill Hader, a few young women were (kind of hilariously) deprived of the seminal experience.

Hader worked at a movie theater for a brief time in his early days, and as he found himself dealing with some especially nasty patrons, he exacted his revenge.

"A sorority group rented out the movie theater. They were rude to me so I told them the end of Titanic," Hader told Us Weekly. "I said, 'The boat sinks, Leo dies, the old lady -- that's Kate Winslet -- she has a jewel and she throws in the water at the end, so that's where that goes!'"

It didn't end up working out so well for Hader, though -- he was fired for the transgression. We wonder what the theater manager thought when he saw Hader up on the big screen in films such as "Hot Rod," "Super Bad" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

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