D.C.'s Top 2011 Google Searches: WMATA, USAjobs ... And SEPTA?

WASHINGTON -- Google released its Zeitgeist 2011 list, a roundup up what Google users searched for the most of. (Globally, Rebecca Black was No. 1 fastest-rising search term this year.)

But if you look at the local breakdown, D.C.-area residents have been actively looking for information on public transportation, how to get cars registered and find federal jobs, among other things.

In August, there were search peaks for "Hurricane Irene Path" and "Pepco," the electric utility.

While the top search was for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, coming in at No. 6 was, oddly enough, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Area Transit Authority. (Maybe all the times when Philly sports fans flood D.C. account for that one?)

Here's the Top 10 list for the D.C. area:

1.) Wmata: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

2.) Mva: Maryland's Motor Vehicle Administration

3.) Dc Dmv: The District of Columbia's Department of Motor Vehicles

4.) USAjobs, the federal government's massive jobs site

5.) Dcps: D.C. Public Schools

6.) Septa: Southeastern Pennsylvania Area Transit Authority

7.) Pepco: The electric utility serving D.C., Montgomery County and Prince George's County

8.) Montgomery College: A community college in Montgomery County

9.) Washington Post: A newspaper founded in 1877 with a long-established website.

10.) Hurricane Irene Path: Plenty of amateur weather watchers were interested where the East Coast storm was headed. (In New York, Hurricane Irene Path was No. 6)