12/19/2011 04:28 am ET Updated Feb 17, 2012

'The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs' Season Finale: Who Is The Newest Iron Chef? (VIDEO)

With Iron Chefs Masaharu Morimoto and Bobby Flay joining the judging panel for this season finale, the tension was never higher in Kitchen Stadium on the finale of "The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs" (Sun., 9PM ET On Food). It was an exciting venue for the two remaining finalists, Elizabeth Falkner and Geoffrey Zakarian.


Christmas was the theme of the day, with the Chairman throwing plenty of surprises at them along the way. At one point, they pulled in former competitor Alex Guarnaschelli to assist briefly, but in the end it was down to these two world-class chefs.

With a dramatic flourish, the curtain dropped to reveal the winner of the season: Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. "It's extremly humbling to be an Iron Chef," he said, surrounded by his fellow Iron Chefs. "To be in this group is very gratifying to me."

Did the right chef win?

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