12/20/2011 10:11 am ET Updated Dec 22, 2011

Continental Flight Change Fees Cause Son To Miss Father's Burial

Fred Zajonczloski missed his father's funeral because of flight change fees he couldn't afford, reports WHEC in Rochester, NY.

Zajonczloski flew from his home in San Antonio to attend his father's funeral in New York. He was scheduled to return to Texas last Saturday, but found out the funeral would not be held until this Wednesday. When Zajonczloski tried to change his and his fiance's Continental flights for the following day, he was hit with a $675 change fee.

The couple couldn't afford the change and returned to Texas on the original tickets, missing the funeral.

"I understand that people have jobs and people have things to do, but have a heart. Have a heart," his sister Julie Knapp told WHEC.

According to Continental, the company offers its condolences and will contact Zajonczloski directly. However, the company also believes this was a misunderstanding.

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