12/20/2011 08:01 pm ET

Gamespot Post-It Mural Bestows Upon San Francisco Its 8-Bit Glory

Fact: Post-Its are squares.

You know what else are squares? All the art in 8-bit video games.

I know, mind = blown.

This similarity didn't escape the good people at the video game website Gamespot, who have lovingly created a mural on the window of their San Francisco office depicting some of their favorite characters from the 8-bit era.

Mario? Check. Kirby? Check. That black mage from Final Fantasy? Check. Mega Man? You don't even need to ask, of course Mega Man is there--straight up jumping and shooting like an old school badass.

If you want to check out the newest addition to San Francisco's thriving mural culture, you can see the picture from the street in front of Gamespot's SoMa office on Second Street (near Folsom) or watch this time-lapse video of the Gamespot team assembling the work of art backed by a jaunty chip-tune version of the Benny Hill theme below: