12/20/2011 04:56 am ET Updated Feb 18, 2012

'Late Show With David Letterman': Tom Cruise On Paul Newman's Hustling, Brad Pitt's Fathering (VIDEO)

Tom Cruise was very close with Paul Newman, but he could never get one over on the old man. On "Late Show" (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS). Newman got Cruise into competitive racing, and Cruise even drove for Newman's team. But he could never quite beat Newman on the track.

To make matters worse, Newman was a bit of a hustler when it came to competitions. "He always played everything down," Cruise said. "Everything was like, 'Let's play some pool. I haven't played in a while. My elbow's hurting' ... The next thing you know, I'm getting creamed."

Newman was the same on the track, letting Cruise think he was finally going to win one before flooring it and passing him in the final lap, with a flip of the bird as he crossed the finish line.

Later, Letterman tried to get Cruise to agree that Brad Pitt must be miserable at home with all those kids, but Cruise and Pitt are friends. It's not going to happen. Further, Cruise said of Pitt, "He's always incredible with my kids, and he couldn't wait to be a father."

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