12/20/2011 06:14 am ET Updated Dec 20, 2011

'Sherlock' Season 2: New Clips (VIDEO)

It's been said that some supermodels won't get out of bed for less than $20,000 a day. Well, Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) won't leave his home at 221b Baker Street "for anything less than a seven."

In the first of these new clips from the upcoming Season 2 of "Sherlock," fans get a couple of tantalising glimpses at the season opener. "A Scandal in Belgravia" is an adaptation of the classic Holmes mystery, "A Scandal in Bohemia," in which the detective pits his wits against brilliant adventuress Irene Adler (played by "True Blood" alum, Lara Pulver).

Ever the 21st-century detective now, Holmes makes use of the latest wi-fi technology to investigate the scene of the crime from the comfort of his own home. Luckily for the police officers on-scene, Watson (Martin Freeman) has a mute button to-hand, and he's not afraid to use it.

Later on, Holmes subjects representatives of the British government to his own brand of withering scorn in person.

Written by Steven Moffat ("Doctor Who"), "A Scandal in Belgravia" is the first of three ninety-minute episodes making up Season 2. Gothic horror "The Hounds of the Baskervilles" forms the basis of Episode 2, "The Hounds of Baskerville," written by Mark Gatiss ("The League of Gentlemen"). Then Stephen Thompson's ("Dr Who") new twist on the Conan Doyle original provides the thrilling finale: "The Reichenbach Fall."

'Sherlock' Season 2 returns on PBS Masterpiece on May 6 (check local listings).

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that 'Sherlock' Season 2 returns to PBS Masterpiece in January. It has since been corrected to its accurate May 6 premiere date.