12/21/2011 12:37 pm ET

2011 Travel: How Did Travel Fare Throughout The Last Year? (VIDEO)

2011 has arguably been a rough year for international travel.

From the start of 2011, the Arab Spring revolutions have deterred travel to Tunisia and Egypt, with a ripple effect being felt in other countries in the region, like Jordan.

Japan, too, is still waiting for its tourism sector to fully recover after the country was struck by an earthquake and tsunami in March. A call to voluntourism was made shortly after the disaster, however.

Natural disasters and revolts aside, it was already assumed that the global economic climate would have an effect on travel. Penny pinching was felt acutely in Europe, where countries have a high dependence on tourism. This was especially true in Greece, which has been struck by crippling debt and constant protests that saw travel infrastructure affected.

What's on tap for 2012? (Aside from planning for the Mayan Apocalypse?) Sri Lanka, fresh from a civil war, and Burma, might be poised to become major tourism draws, as might Seoul, South Korea and Antarctica.

Where do you hope to travel in the coming year?