12/21/2011 07:08 pm ET

Anish Kapoor Completes His Twisted Tower For London Olympics

Internationally-renowned sculptor Anish Kapoor's "Orbit" tower, previously covered on the Huffington Post, is finally complete. The giant, 1,400 ton tower, made specifically for the events leading up to the London 2012 Olympic games, is quite a feat to behold.

Kapoor wanted to usher in a new era in public sculpture with his gnarled steel structure. The twisted tower is the UK's largest piece of public art and is grounded in the idea of instability. Though it may appear as though it could crash to the ground at any second, Kapoor enlisted the help of architect Cecil Balmond to assist with the tower's structural integrity.

Kapoor is known to turn heads with his larger-than-life sculptures, "Leviathan" found Kapoor constructing an enormous worm-like entity in the Grand Palais in Paris as a tribute to Ai Wei Wei in 2011.