12/21/2011 11:11 am ET

Bill Clinton Says Media Favored Obama Over Hillary Clinton During 2008 Primary (VIDEO)

During an interview that aired on Fox News on Tuesday night, Bill Clinton signaled his belief that the media favored then-candidate Barack Obama over his wife, Hillary Clinton, during the 2008 primary campaign.

When asked if he believes there was a disparity in how the big name Democrats were covered by the press, Clinton responded, "Oh, I think yes."

Pressed for his take on why the media covered his wife in such a manner during the last presidential election cycle, he said, "I'm not going there" and added, "She's the Secretary of State. Nothing I say can be helpful on this. ... And so, you know, they always like what's new. And they always like a conflict. And they always like a story. But nothing I can say will contribute to anything good happening in America."

During the appearance, Clinton also weighed in on the race for the Republican presidential nomination. After working with Newt Gingrich when the candidate served as House Speaker, the former president said, "I respect his ability to think and do." He continued, "And I eventually hammered out a really productive relationship with him. I don't disrespect anybody who works with me in good faith. I think he was way more political than I would have been. He's defended what he calls 'scorched earth politics' and I certainly was the beneficiary of it."

Clinton signaled his intention to vote for President Obama in next year's general election. He declined to say, however, whether he would stand behind Gingrich or GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney if he were voting in New Hampshire's 2012 primary.

"I am not gonna get in that Republican primary," he explained. "I also like Huntsman, you know, and if I voted for him I'd be on the 1 percent, but he arguably has the most consistently conservative economic record of anyone running."