12/21/2011 10:52 am ET Updated Feb 20, 2012

Cameron Crowe Talks 'Say Anything' Sequel: Lloyd Dobbler Is Where?

What happened when Lloyd Dobbler and Diane Court went to England? We may soon find out.

Cameron Crowe is in the midst of promoting "We Bought A Zoo," which marks his return to the feature film world after a six year absence following the disappointment of "Elizabethtown." As he told Vulture, he may make an even longer awaited return -- back to his first film he directed, the iconic 1989 flick "Say Anything..."

"There were many people who got upset when I said it's the one thing I would think about doing -- something more with Lloyd's character or one of the side characters," he said. "It's almost like there's an author that you like, and he brings back a character from a previous story. Like, Salinger, even. There's a shadow of a previous story, but characters that you knew, sort of. And you go off on this tributary to another story with them."

That could mean that his original stars don't feature quite as prominently, but Crowe wouldn't keep them out of it, either.

"I have ideas where Lloyd would be -- but let me surprise you with it," he said. As for the timing of the film, he said, "ask me in a year and a half."

Of course, Crowe has said these things before. Back in August, he mused about doing a sequel, which again, he said would be a spinoff starring different characters. "I remember those characters and I keep thinking that there's more that I could write about some of them, and not just Lloyd." Crowe told IFC. "If anything, it would be a side character or some story where there was some kind of linkage. I love Mike Cameron, I love the poor drunk that they drive home on the night of the grad party."

Then again, he also told IFC that it was a "pipe dream" and that "there's no script, nobody's out there trying to pitch a 'Say Anything...' sequel."

So, has something changed in the last four months? Has attention for "We Bought A Zoo" made him think more seriously about a sequel? Hard to say. But we can always dream.

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