12/21/2011 04:33 pm ET

Effects Of Smoking: How Lighting Up Hurts Your Body

By now, just about everyone knows that cigarettes hurt your lungs. Just one puff of cigarette smoke brings 7,000 chemicals into your airways, according to TV's "The Doctors."

But smoking has serious effects on other parts of your body as well. Studies suggest that it increases risk for osteoporosis, gum disease, cataracts and even baldness, says Dr. Stork. Smoking also affects your looks in some surprising ways. It can cause sagging skin, stained fingers, wrinkles and age spots, according to WebMD. It also increases risk of stomach, bladder and cervical cancer, Self reported.

Freda Lewis-Hall, chief medical office of Pfizer, visited the show to discuss quitting smoking. She highlighted some of the almost-immediate health benefits of kicking the habit, including a drop in blood pressure and heart rate within just 20 minutes.

"It's never too late to turn the corner," says Dr. Stork. "If you quit, a lot of the damage can be reversed." Watch the video to see all the ways smoking affects your body and for advice on how to quit.