12/21/2011 03:08 pm ET Updated Dec 22, 2011

Levi Aron's Lawyer In Leiby Kletzky Case Says Inbreeding Led Aron To Murder

The defense lawyer for Levi Aron in the tragic Leiby Kletzky murder is now blaming Aron's actions on the effects of inbreeding.

Lawyer Howard Greenberg said in court, "Look, everybody knows when blood relations have offspring, there can be genetic defects. It's something that needs to be investigated down to the ground."

Earlier this summer, a court-ordered, psychological evaluation found Aron to be "deeply troubled" and demonstrating various schizoid features. However, the evaluation still found Aron fit to stand trial.

Greenberg, who joined the team in October, rather flamboyantly announced his intention to enter a not guilty plea by reason of insanity, despite the evaluation's results. If the insanity defense was rejected, Greenberg said, "You can quote me on this. I will quit the practice of criminal law if Levi Aron is not found insane."

In July, Aron confessed to murdering and dismembering the 8-year old, Hasidic boy who disappeared while walking to meet his parents after school. The murder shocked the country, as gruesome details emerged of Aron's planned abduction. In Aron's confession, he admitted to feeding Kletzky prescription drugs, suffocating him, and then dismembering his body after he "panicked."

Defense lawyers challenged the confession and claimed Aron was coerced into admission. Greenberg said, "My opinion is this guy would admit he shot Kennedy if you spent enough time with him."

Prior to Greenberg joining the team, Aron's lawyers Pierre Bazile and Jennifer McCann were reprimanded by Justice Neil J. Firetog for their unusually unprofessional conduct regarding the trial and its details. Firetog criticized the two for discussing the case on their personal Facebook accounts and leaking information to the press.